• Why do I need a wedding video?
• Do I want a wedding video?
• What's a wedding film going to do for me?
• Why does it cost so much?
• Will I regret not having a wedding film?

All of these are valid questions!
It's a difficult thing to set aside a large amount of budget for a wedding film. It's even harder when you're not sure of the outcome. As wedding videographers in Portland and California we pride ourselves in the care we put into crafting your wedding film.

Wedding films are a relatively newer addition to the wedding industry. Looking back, the exciting, cinematic, beautiful films are less than a decade old. It's not like it used to be when your parents and grandparents got hitched. A wedding film is a piece of art. One that you can carry with you in your pocket everywhere, watch it whenever, and share it with everyone. It carries an incredible amount of memories, audio clips, snippets from your day...and it has the amazing ability to transport you right back to your wedding in a way that photos just can't. A professional wedding film will take weeks to create, and will require an incredible story-teller who can make your wedding day seem even more fabulous than it actually was.

Working with Northfern (aka Donnie + Kristen) for your wedding film means a few things. You'll have both of us following the action all day long. We'll capture the powerful moments, the kisses, the laughter, and the tears. We'll record the audio snippets from your ceremony and the bad dad jokes during the toasts. We'll shoot the incredible first dances, bouquet tosses (if that's your thing), and vow exchanges. Everything during your wedding day is important to us and we're not only going to capture the hell out of it, but we're also going to make it unforgettable. We're low-profile and spend a lot of the day hidden and quietly mingling within your party to capture the good stuff; a fly on the wall! Our goal is to deliver a film that you'll cherish for the rest of your life!

Take a look at one of our films and you can be the judge yourself!



Our film packages are pretty customizable to fit most budgets because we get it. Money is weird to talk about, but we don't want you to be afraid to get open with us about it!
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Starts at $4500
• 2 videographers all day (Up to 9 hours)
• 2 HD Cameras
• 8+ minute Feature Film

Starts at $6500
• 2 Videographers all day (Up to 10 hours)
• 3 HD Cameras
• Aerial Drone Videography
• 15+ minute Feature Film
• Instagram & Facebook 1 minute Trailer edit


Aerial Drone Videography

Raw Footage

Questions? I've got answers.

1. Do I get to keep my RAW film?
Answer: No - we do not give our RAW film away as part of the package. We do offer it as an a la carte option for $1000 which comes with a hard drive.

2. I am having a rehearsal dinner - can you film that?
Answer: Absolutely! We will have to charge you for the extra day of shooting, but the footage can be used in addition with your wedding film.

3. Do you fly your drone over people?
Answer: By law we are NOT allowed to fly our drones over/near people.

4. How long does it take to get my wedding film back?
Answer: It's no longer than 45 days, but often times it takes a few weeks less. It really just depends on length of film and changes that may need to be made.

5. I have someone or something super important I want captured - can you guarantee it?
Answer: Yes, to a degree. Some things and some people just don't want to be on camera. We can't predict or guarantee anything on your wedding day that is outside of our control, but we do the best we can.

6. Why is it so damn expensive?!
Answer: A wedding film takes a very long time to create. 2 people will travel to your wedding, capture everything that happens for 8-10 hours, and then go home and backup your footage before finally heading to sleep. Over the next month we carefully craft and edit your film putting in between 40-80 hours in the editing studio. Last, we source and license the perfect music to go along with your day. By the end, over 100 hours have been put into your wedding film to make it the best visual representation of your day! I know - it's crazy, but hopefully that helps shed some light on why it costs so much!