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We get it, money can be awkward to talk about, but we don't want it to be! We use these package as starting points in the event you need something a bit more custom to your day. Every single wedding is different and not everyone fits within a box. Let me know if you have any questions!


• Up to 1.5 hours with Melissa
• Min. 50 high-res images
• Online gallery for downloading images
• Print shop

Starts at $2000
• 1 photographer (Melissa!)
• Min. 150 high-res images
• Online gallery for downloading images
• Print shop

Starts at $3800
• 1 photographer up to 8 hours (Melissa!)
• Min. 400 high-res images
• Online gallery for downloading images
• Print shop

Extra hours wedding coverage

2nd photographer

Custom linen albums
Starting at $650

Custom leather albums
Starting at $950


Questions? I've Got Answers.

1. Can I get the RAW files?
Nope, and I hope you understand! I don't give out my RAW files because to me, it would be like a chef serving you a bunch of food and then asking you to cook it. It's unfinished and it's not my true and final work as it should be.

2. I am having a rehearsal dinner - can you photograph that?
HECK TO THE YES! I love shooting rehearsal dinners! It allows me to get to know your bridal party and family on a more personal level before spending the entire wedding day with them. Plus, who doesn't love champagne and making new friends?

3. How would you describe your photography style?
I see my style as natural, real, emotional, and romantic. I also play a lot with mood and light depending on what the situation calls for. I'm a sucker for snuggles and closeness, but I also love to make my clients laugh and enjoy the process of being photographed. I don't pose, I direct!

4. When do I get my wedding photos?
I promise no later than 8 weeks, but I try to deliver much sooner than that! I also send a preview gallery before I send over the final images!

5. I have a Pinterest board, can we copy some poses/images?
That's gonna be a hard no from me. I LOVE Pinterest and I also love when clients can send over some inspiration for certain ideas on shots they may like. But, here's the truth. Your wedding will be completely different than anything you see on Pinterest. It's going to be YOUR day and I can't recreate the exact same image and have it look exactly the same. So, I'm all for pulling inspiration from images, but what I'll ask you to do is to really dig deep into WHY you like a particular image and then see how I can create my own version of it for you!

6. Why is it so damn expensive?!
Welp, it's an investment. Plain and simple. I invest my time and experience into making sure your day is absolutely amazing and that your time spent with me making and capturing your memories is out of this world. You're not just investing in your wedding photos, but in your memories.