Randy, also known as DJ Tecni has been playing music for people for as long as he can remember. Whether it's been through cassette tapes, vinyl, and now digital, he could tell you his entire life story through song lyrics. After 23 years of mixing he’s still in love with making people dance. In his spare time he hangs with his amazing wife, Ashlee, and his 2 incredible kiddos. He also follows MMA very closely, watches documentaries, and is a huge foodie in love with the art of Sushi. He’s honestly just a really cool dude who would kill it at your wedding and throw you one hell of a party.

Now, not only do we know how to throw a legit party, but we’ve also mastered this amazing new mixing style called Video Mixing and it's a brand new way to DJ! Randy not only mixes an incredible playlist of seamless music, but it also comes synced with the original music videos projected for everyone at your wedding or event to see! Even as he improvises throughout the night, transitioning from one song to another, the music videos will play right alongside. This is a whole new way to engage your guests and get people out on the dance floor! Check it out below in a mix we put together for you!

We offer both 1/2 and full day coverage with lots of extra goodies so please feel free to reach out to us! Pricing begins at $1250.


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Pop Mix - Randy the DJ


Uptempo Mix - Randy the DJ